Lynq.com.ng is Nigeria's independent search engine and news aggregator portal.
Search for news, images, videos, jobs, business and brands.

We are building an alternative internet resources database with intelligent apps and web search technologies that will create even more opportunities for millions of consumers in Nigeria and across the world.

We have successfully launch our web crawler application Lynqbot. Lynqbot will continue to extract links and contents of web pages of the sites it visited on the internet. Lynqbot will continue to extract and crawl new web pages on the internet.

Our web indexing application indexes the content of all link crawled by Lynqbot and make it ready to be display on Lynq search results.

If you are interested in what we are doing and you like to support or part of it as a partner, advisor or an investor please send email to contact@lynq.com.ng

Stay Informed.

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